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We have a wealth of resources at our fingertips to make staging your home easy and stress free.

Prepping your home often begins weeks before hitting the market. We collaborate closely with agents to update the home and make the necessary enhancements so you don’t have to think about it.


See below for what is included in our customized, tailored staging services.

Interior & Exterior

This is what we do best!

At BP Home we are continually collecting furnishings and accessories to keep current and compliment a variety of architectural styles and sizes. Whether we are staging a cozy bungalow or a grand estate, our vast inventory allows us to provide a unique and tailored presentation.  Whether the point is to provide color, texture, whimsy or function, every item we select is there for a reason – to compliment the unique character of the home.

Interior & Exterior
Paint Consultation

Selecting the right paint colors can instantly elevate, update, and freshen the look of your home.


Lighting Consultations

We never underestimate the impact a light fixture can have on a room. We work with different budgets to choose light fixtures that will take each room from ordinary to extraordinary.

Floor Covering

We often work directly with floor experts to choose hardwood floor finishes, carpet, tile, or vinyl for your home.


Exterior Landscape

Sometimes cutting down a hedge that blocks a beautiful feature of the home is just what is needed. We will make suggestions for landscape changes that will give your home the curb appeal it needs to stand out.

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