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Anian Pettit Tunney | Grubb Co.

"BP Home consistently does the very best job in the industry. We have been using them as long as they have been staging and they transform even our most beautiful properties. Their style is warm and friendly, yet detailed in it’s presentation. They have a great eye for color and it seems they are always updating their inventory, so their pieces never feel old. The entire BP Home team have consistently delivered us hundreds of thousands of dollars over the list price."


Sarah Abel & Julie Gardner | Compass

"When it comes to staging our listings, we rely on BPHome first and foremost for their sophisticated and nuanced design and secondly, for their professionalism and efficiency.  We never have to worry about the quality of their work product or the condition of their inventory. It’s always stellar! We feel very fortunate to work with the whole talented team, who truthfully, make us look equally accomplished.  We know from experience that quality staging can result in our listings selling well above their asking price and we believe wholeheartedly in the value that BPHome brings to our goal in achieving the best result for our clients."    


Matt Heafy | Heafey Baum Group

We have enjoyed working with BP home for the last 16 years. Their  creative team always do an amazing job staging our homes. They also put lots of time and energy into picking, packing, moving, unpacking and presentation. We truly feel like they are a part of the Heafey Baum Group. BP Home has an incredible sense of style and is always trying to restock their inventory so they stay relevant with the current trends. They truly are ROCK STARS!

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